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We’re excited to continue the trend of adding new great dishes to our menu at Moldova Restaurant. Now we’re introducing two new mouthwatering additions. Come and check out the new additions to our list of deliciousness.

Classic Beef and vegetable stew, seasoned with spices
Armenian winter soup served with lemon & garlic sauce and lavash.
$4 pcs/9.95
Georgian handmade dumplings with beef, cheese or mushrooms.
Armenian handmade stuffed meatballs, cooked or deep fried.
Red kidney beans w/ herbs , vegetables and nuts.
Georgian traditional green beans salad w/ garlic, nuts and herbs.

In Moldova Restaurant we believe in fresh ingredients as a basis for our delightful dishes. There’s nothing more delicious than fresh food, that is in season and ripe off the vine. People love to savor the genuine wholesomeness that comes from fresh ingredients. Fresh foods deliver a bright, lively experience that can be just as addictive as salt, sugar, or fat (but in a good way!). What’s even more habit-forming is the feeling you get when you’re eating well, which most people love maintaining by making healthy choices day after day.
We believe that fresh foods are healthier, taste better, and are visually more alluring on the plate.

We’re always happy to surprise our customers with new dishes, and we can’t wait to serve you our new menu items next time you’re in Moldova Restaurant!